The Anthony Amos | Cross Creek Wedding Bells
Anthony Amos is a franchise expert with HydroDog and Bellebrations. He is currently on his Bathe to Save National Tour, a 18 month 50 state journey. An author and true entrepreneur.
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Cross Creek Wedding Bells

Bellebrations…combining the old world tradition of bell ringing with contemporary sophistication and luxurious convenience.


What is it?
A set of 12 master hand-crafted, European inspired bells encased in a gorgeous outer bell casing that rings the tune of many traditional songs. The bell is conveniently situated on a unit that is luxuriously decorated with the ability to customize colors and elements.


How does it work?
Songs are programmed into the proprietary electronic system and programmed to ring each bell at the appropriate moment. The entire unit is self contained and eco-friendly operating purely from battery units. It allows couples to have the tradition of bell ringing at every wedding.


Who is it for?
Any couple who wants traditional bell ringing at their wedding, with the flexibility and contemporary flair of choosing that special song to ring in the marriage.